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ASP: Active Server Pages. Active Server Pages are HTML pages that contain embedded scripts. IIS (Internet Information Server) and third party providers offer server software that interprets Active Server code. ASP pages contain either server side or client side scripts which performs functions such as database access, page personalization, or interactive functions. Scripts act similar to CGI scripts. Pages should end in .asp.

Auto responder: An auto responder will send a pre-made message to a certain person when they email to an address. This could be useful for registration, purchasing, or other information.

Bandwidth: The amount of data that you are allowed to transfer in a monthly.

CGI: Common Gateway Interface. CGI allows HTML pages to interact with programming applications.

Control Panel: Control panel included in web hosting packages is an online web-based application that allows you to easily manage different aspects of your account. Most control panels will let you upload files, add email accounts, change contact information, set up shopping carts or databases, view usage statistics, etc.

Database: A database is a collection of information stored in a computer in a systematic way, such that a computer program can consult it to answer questions. The software used to manage and query a database is known as a database management system (DBMS). The properties of database systems are studied in information science.

Data Transfer: This is the amount of data you are allowed to deliver from your site in a given month. The limit is usually calculated in GB with 1 GB usually amounting to 30,000 - 50,000 page views.

Dedicated Servers: A single server dedicated to a single customer. Most appropriate for users that require lots of disk space or data transfer, as well as sites that are database intensive or have specific software requirements.

Disk Space: The amount of disk storage space assigned to a plan.

Domain Name: A domain name is the text name corresponding to the numeric IP address of a computer on the Internet. A domain name must be unique. Domain names are hierarchical. Domain's suffix indicates which TLD (top level domain) it belongs to, for example .com, .gov, .org, or .net.

Email Forwarding: When email sent to different email addresses is automatically sent (forwarded) to another specified email address.

FrontPage Extensions: A set of programs and scripts that allow specific features of a Web site created with FrontPage to perform, adding dynamic functions to a Web site.

FTP: File Transfer Protocol. FTP allows files to be transferred from local machines to servers and vice versa.

GB: Gigabyte. 1024 Megabytes.

IMAP: Internet Message Access Protocol. An email protocol that provides management of received messages on a remote server.

IP Address: Internet protocol numerical address assigned to each computer on the network so that its location and activities can be distinguished from other computers. IP addresses consist of four numbers ranging between 0 and 255, separated by dots (e.g.

KB: Kilobyte. 1,024 bytes

Linux Hosting: Linux is a free open-source operating system based on UNIX that is used to run Web servers.

MB: Megabyte. 1,024 kilobytes

Microsoft Access: Microsoft Access is a relational database management system that can use data stored in Access/Jet, SQL Server, Oracle, or any ODBC-compliant data container.

MySQL: An open source relational database management system that uses Structured Query Language (SQL). Linux hosting plans often include MySQL databases.

Perl: A programming language that allows database interactivity and dynamic content on a web site.

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. A server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language that lets you create dynamic web pages.

POP: Post Office Protocol. A protocol used to retrieve e-mail from a mail server.

RAID: Redundant Array of Independent Disks is a standard for connecting multiple disks to the same server for higher security, speed and performance.

Server: A computer that handles requests for data, email, file transfers, and other network services from other computers, including requests for Web pages.

Shared Web Hosting: Multiple sites hosted on a single server that share the system resources. Each web site is allotted a specific amount of resources. Shared Web hosting is the most common (and cheapest) hosting option.

SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a protocol used to send and receive email.

SQL: Structured Query Language is a database access language used for sending queries to databases for the purpose of retrieving information.

SSL: Secure Sockets Layer. Provides encrypted, authenticated communications over the Internet. E-commerce web sites use SSL to process payment transactions.

Static IP Address: An IP address that is fixed and never changes.

Sub Domain: A sub domain is a subdivision of a larger domain. For example, a sub domain of is

TB: Terabyte. 1,024 gigabytes

Uptime: How often a Web site is accessible.

Virtual Private Servers: The practice of partitioning a single server so that it appears as multiple servers in which each is allocated its own amount of dedicated resources.

Web Statistics: Web hosts provide reporting programs that include information about visitors to your Web site.

Windows Hosting: Web hosting on a Microsoft Windows Server platform, which allows web pages to use ASP and .NET

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